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The therapist performs knee rehabilitation

ABIR Fitness

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We are Personal Trainers in Dubai, Physiotherapy Specialists, and Spine & Joint Rehabilitation, herniated disc, and Nutritional Consultants with over 12 years of experience in the fitness field.



More than 12 years of experience in the field of fitness and sports training. And we are highlighting the specialization of rehabilitation of movement injuries with corrective exercises for people suffering from chronic diseases and acute pain in the disc spine from the neck to the lower back in the lumbar and sacral vertebrae, treatment of sciatica, correction of movement of joints and ligaments.

After surgeries to move to a healthier life By designing programs that not only help relieve acute and chronic pain but also prevent it completely and live a healthier life by designing programs that help in the rehabilitation of all spinal injuries with professional technology and relieve pain in a large percentage from the first session, according to the duration of pain and the age of the patient

What We Do

85% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives,  and most people with low back pain respond to conservative (non-surgical) treatment such as rehabilitation programs; Where the patient learns from the rehabilitation specialist how to help the back get rid of the pain.

There may be chronic cases when the sensation of numbness arrives in the legs or hands, accompanied by some pain in the distribution areas of the body's joints. 

We can study the history of the pain since its inception and explore the affected person's lifestyle after conducting a manual examination and then provide special programs to return the patient to normal and enjoy a better life.

We offer a rehabilitation program for back pain sufferers to protect the back during the recovery period and to avoid back pain in the future.

The specialist, with the help of those suffering from rehabilitation, will explain step by step the appropriate program to relieve back pain after being referred by a specialist. Then the proper programs will be presented to get rid of this pain.

A rehabilitation program helps you perform daily tasks again after recovery; Thus, returning to a normal lifestyle, and the role of treatment is to deal with the nerves and muscles and improve the situation of the affected area that prevents the person from performing his daily tasks and feeling a beautiful life.


AbirFitness Personal Training is professional training for fitness, body strength, weight loss, joint flexibility, and ligaments under the supervision of a trainer based on the application of fitness and sports programs according to the client's goals and health him to practice fitness.


The personal trainer assesses the condition of the client who has invited him and provides him with plans for a comprehensive healthy lifestyle and nutritional counseling as well as follow-up and reaches the desired client goals. Sports activities that will be conducted to maintain good health and enjoyment are also provided.

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What does injury rehabilitation mean?

Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation:


  • Management of acute and chronic pain in the cervical disc, lumbar disc, sciatica, shoulder, and knee pain

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries meniscus injuries

  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of children

  • Metabolic bone diseases (osteoporosis, etc.)

  • Bone calcification Bone resorption

  • Congenital or acquired joint and bone disorders

  • Rehabilitation after burn

  • Cardiac rehabilitation

  • Elderly rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications may be useful and necessary if medical and surgical treatments are insufficient – ​​ineffective – unnecessary if the disease is likely to become chronic and progressive, if it adversely affects daily life or if disability develops.

Surgical procedures that revolve around musculoskeletal conditions and injuries require aftercare. The patient is often advised that recovery takes some time. Gradual increases in physical activity tend to help the patient recover faster, but this can be difficult in scenarios where the condition has caused disabling.

Patients recovering from musculoskeletal surgery and an injury should consider long-term rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation consists of a customized program that takes care of the patient's specific needs during the rehabilitation period.

Health care providers can also provide more specialized care to patients in a rehabilitation center. The caregiver will often provide follow-up appointments with the patient in the facility. This reduces the need for constant travel, which can have a negative impact on the patient's recovery.

The patient may be carefully evaluated before a treatment plan is developed. The therapist may provide the patient with physical and occupational therapy services. This helps the patient regain mobility after surgery or while recovering from an injury.

These programs consist of exercises that help promote movement in the affected area. In addition, the exercises will also help to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues in the area where the surgery was performed.

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Muscle Building Plan

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Muscle Building Plan

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